Tuesday, July 11, 2006

OK here go, as promised to a few of my previous contributors.
1...It is estimated that by the year 2060, White people will be a MINORITY in this country!
2...Jun 27, 2006 A few weeks ago it was revealed that around 250,000 more people migrated to this country than emigrated from it in 2005 alone
3...It has also recently been revealed that Great Britain is now officially the fourth most densely populated country on earth!
4...Alton Towers Closed to whites, christians etc Isn't that racist? predjudiced? By request of...Muslims..who esle.!
5...What rights would an englishman get in Iran, Would a British mans daughter be allowed to wear a mini skirt in Iran?
6...Protests by the NF are banned, yet areas of the UK become 'Sharia' - effectively excluding us 'infidels' in our own country!
7... Churches forced to stop ringing their bells because it offends muslims, yet muslims are allowed to build mosques in those areas and carry out their whailing (broadcast over loud PA systems) then what more proof do we need that this nation is being beaten into submission to islam, the refuge of pedophiles, rapists and murderers
8...This has been published on a UK Muslim website. It relates to Palestine and it also relates to us.
According to this, they admit they can't live by man-made laws (Democracy and freedom) and are committed to conquer land from the present rulers. That means US. What further proof does anyone need that we're heading for big problems? We have these enemies in our midst. My message to anyone monitoring this site would be to have a word with Asad Ullah who is the author of this 'Incitement to kill' document. It is against the law to publish material like this in OUR country. http://www.thesavedsect.com/articles/Jihaad/Solution2Palestine.htm
9..."Warning As UK Considers Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants By Kevin McCandless CNSNews.com Correspondent June 30, 2006
10.. What a peace loving buch those chaps in the above picture are. Clearly a group steadfastly pursueing a modern multi-cult society.
11..A significant minority of Muslims in Britain believe that the London Tube bombers should be regarded as martyrs, according to a new opinion poll...Should they really..!
12..St George, the patron saint of England..the COE is having to consider changing our patron because he is a figure representitive of violence, which offends muslims. He killed a dragon! you lot really are easily offended.
13.. 'The root of the infection is their unshakable and deeply entrenched belief that the Koran is a perfect document
This is where I differ from the mainstream anti-jihad thinking. Ultimately, the cause of their behavior is not that they revere the koran as something divine. It is that they have no conscience for brutality, and that whatever they feel is right, must be forced on others.
Put it this way, let's say that I, myself, believed that the koran was indeed the word of God. Let's say that God told me so Himself. Still, I would not follow the koran. I would reject this God. Why? Because my conscience can not allow me to worship an evil entity, no matter how powerful. And a big part of islamic culture is evil. The way they treat each other, and the rest of the world, is evil to the core because it is based on ideology and not the golden rule'
14..76% of britons against immigration, but who cares they are only british.
15.. A majority of the population (69%) feel that Britain is losing its own culture.
17..The natural tendency of some immigrants to join their own communities, and to choose spouses from their countries of origins, is leading to the formation of parallel communities with little contact, or identification, with mainstream British culture. Indeed, in some cases the younger generation is growing up hostile to British culture.
18..Over the next twenty years, one in three new households will be down to immigration. Since brownfield sites provide two thirds of new homes, net immigration is the main reason for greenfield development. The extra population also adds to the pressure on transport and water supplies, both of which are already facing serious difficulties.
19..What is the cost? The cost of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) of the Home Office, the Department responsible for asylum seekers was £1.89 billion in 2003-04, similar to that in previous years. The cost of legal aid, £204m in 2003/4 [6] is additional - as is the cost of the courts, for which the government have given no estimate.

I could go on and on, but you should get the picture. No good can come of continued immigration, nor has any real good come of it to date. What really riles me though, is the pro-immigration folk, and obviously the immigrants, they believe they are doing good, while at the same time telling us to get out of afganistan! Try one of my shoes on, I turn up in ...anystan with 5 million of my kind, demand you close your churches, patrons etc, change your laws, house, feed and care for us, while we in turn screw your social system and trample all over everything you have ever held sacred. Would you be so quick to propund the virtues of immigration then?